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How To Create The Culture You Desire

Can you define what a good organizational culture looks and feels like?  While it may be a little difficult to define the many intangible aspects of a positive organizational culture, just about anyone could tell you immediately what destroys organizational culture.  The culture is the life blood of an organization.  I would even take it as far as saying that vision, mission and even codes of conduct matter little if the culture of your organization is not healthy.  So, as a leader, how do I create the culture I desire for my organization?  Simply put, there are two elements the leader must consider if culture building is their desire.  First, your conduct is the most powerful tool you have to create culture.  Secondly, your communication can reinforce your conduct.  When these two elements are in place, you will begin to create the culture you desire.  One of the largest mistakes leaders make while trying to build culture is by communicating first and expecting the culture to be created.  While there is no doubt that communicating a vision has power to create the future, it does little to create culture if your actions are not in alignment.  As a leader focus on acting in the way you want others to act, then reinforce your actions by verbally communicating and rewarding others as they emulate what you have shown them.  While this process may not create the culture you desire overnight.  Consistent actions, backed up by communication will create a culture that is healthy and vibrant.



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