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10 Actions to Cultivate Trust

Leadership is dependent on trust.  If trust is not established, leadership will not happen.  Regardless of your skill, knowledge, pedigree or ability you will not lead others if they do not trust you.  Trust therefore becomes the permission slip to lead.  Recently I read an article that was published in Leadership Excellence in April 2008.  The author of the article was Noreen Kelly.  Kelly gave a list of 10 actions the leader must do to cultivate trust within their organization.  I found these very helpful and thought I would share them for others to read.

1.  Live the Values-  match your actions with your words.

2.  Tell the Truth – be simple, straightforward and consistent.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communiate-  Listen to others, engage and involve people at the grassroots level of projects.  Remind people early and often of the values and expectations of the organization.

4.  Have Integrity-  Be realistic and make sure you under promise and over deliver.

5. Be Authentic –  Engage in honest conversations and be credible.  Make sure you words and actions are in alignment.

6. Be Accountable-  Admit mistakes and show that you are accountable for your words and actions.

7. Be Transparent – Be visible to others.  Give information if it is needed, do not try to lead people who are in the dark.

8.  Respect the Individual – Be inclusive and show empathy.  Honor people’s feelings and concerns.

9. Share Information –Keep people informed and address issues when they arise.  Give FEEDBACK!

10. Do the Right Thing- ensure that the right thing is done, regardless of the cost associated.

I hope this list helps you as much as it did me.  Trust is everything, so identify which of these areas are lacking in your leadership and begin work on them today.


Richardson, J. E. (Ed.) (2011). Annual editions: Business ethics 11/12. NY, NY: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0073528656


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