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Prep Today Will Be Exposed Tomorrow

Leadership lessons can be found all around us in our ordinary lives.  One of the greatest ways to develop as a leader is learning to be aware of the lessons that present themselves in your daily routines.  One of the great lessons I have discovered through my running routines is very simple, yet profound.  If I live by this mantra every day it has the power and potential to revolutionize my life.  Your Preparation Today Will Be Exposed Tomorrow!

There is nothing more miserable than signing up for a race, just to get to the start line with the knowledge that you did not train properly for the race and you are hoping for a miracle.  From the start line you typically can not tell you has properly prepared and who hasn’t, but I have discovered that your training and preparation is not as critical at the start line as it will be when you reach the half way point of your race.  Those who have not prepared properly will have to slow down to a crawl and many times bow out of the race altogether.  In addition, they will have to nurse potential injuries which could set them back for months before they can race again. It is at the half way point through the finish line that your level of preparation is exposed.

While it is a miserable experience to enter a race with the knowledge of improper training, it is equally exhilarating to enter a race knowing that all of your preparation and training is about to be exposed and you are mentally and physically in a place to not only run and complete the race, but own it.  The hard work, the long runs, the proper nutrition and hydration will all be exposed in due time.  The hard work that no one else sees is what prepares you for the glory every one else desires.  If you prepared yesterday for the challenge you will face today, you can walk confidently into the challenge.

One of the things which separates the effective leader from the ineffective is not what they do when the spotlight turns on them, but rather what they did the day before the spotlight focused on them.  In that moment, when all eyes are on you as the leader, you will be exposed.  So, what will be revealed about you?  Will people find that you have done the homework, you have put in the long hours when nobody was watching, you have trained when everyone else was looking?  Or will people recognize that you were hoping for a miracle to occur without ever lifting a finger?  What do you need to do today that will make tomorrow’s challenge something you can own as opposed to something that will ultimately own you?



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