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The Gift of Value

In a difficult economic season of our nation we have seen a trend occurring across the different sectors of business.  One sector in particular that has latched onto an important concept which I call the gift of value is the restaurant industry.  While their are many things which drive business to a restaurant such as environment or style, I find the greatest driver for restaurants that brings sustainability over the long haul is their value to the guest.  If an individual feels they are receiving a good value for the price they pay, they will return to the place of business over and over again.  As a leader one of the greatest questions we must ask ourselves is simply this, ” Do I add value to the people I am leading?”  If the answer to this question is no, you most likely will not be leading for long, or if you do, you will find the culture of your organization affected in an adverse way.  If the answer is yes, you will discover those who follow your leadership will build loyalty around the vision you are leading them to.  It is very easy for leaders to become so caught up in the day to day tasks that we forget a fundamental truth, the greatest asset to any leader are the people we work with, not the things we do or accomplish.  So, make a deposit in someone today by giving the gift of value.  Ask yourself a simple question, “Do I add value to those who are connected to me?”


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