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The Leadership Challenge

I am of the personal opinion that leadership contains both the greatest potential for good or disaster. The concept of leadership is both simplistic as well as complex. While the world is constantly evolving, the life of the leader is constantly pressing onward. The leader is pulled in many directions, a few of which are understanding the history of the organization they are apart of, having a firm grasp on the reality they currently face, recognizing the preferred future they desire, all while being an innovative expert of change! If this list is not enough to define the challenge that leaders face we could add many more aspects to the list, but one of the greatest challenges of a leader is simply recognizing the impact your life makes on others. Welcome to the Leadership Advance blog. I have desired for some time to have a venue to share with others the lessons I have learned while leading others. I hope you find value in this blog and recommend it to the community of leaders who are making a difference in their world.


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